Language Instruction for Languages Without Fluent Speakers: Acjachemem Almost-Like-Immersion TPR, Absolute Beginners

The article was written by Kelina Lobo.

I’m happy to share a lesson plan for teaching endangered Native American languages. I love languages and working in Native American language revitalization – both as a linguist and as a curriculum planner.  I work with my tribal language, Acjachemem, from Southern California.  In my spare time, I enjoy being active outdoors, bikes, scooters, foods, and following current events.

How do you learn a language when there are no fluent speakers?  By carefully constructing detailed lessons. These lessons demonstrate language instruction that focuses on speaking and using the language in an immersion-like TPR approach.

I created three lessons, which can be downloaded below.  To hear the language, visit my SoundCloud profile.  To connect with me directly, visit me on Instagram.



Learn more about Acjachemem here:

This article was published on Robot Yams with permission from Kelina Lobo.

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